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Integra Retractable Fold-down Specifications | Retractable Seating

Integra Retractable Fold-Down Specifications

General Description

  • Integra seat modules have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the modern multipurpose arena. At only 150mm, the folded ‘envelope’ of the seat is extremely compact and compatible with even the lowest row rise retractable platforms, making it possible to maintain grandstand ‘C’ values and sightlines without compromised seat comfort.

Fold-Down Options

  • Integra fold-down mechanisms are compatible with all manufacturer’s retractable platforms and are simply screw fixed into position.
  • Integra fold-down mechanisms can be specified as 1 of 3 options dependant on budget and chair module specification. 
  • Manual – integrated foot bar mechanism that trips the chairs and allows for an easy fold.  No spring assist with setting chairs up.
  • Semi-automatic with foot release – integrated foot bar mechanism that trips the chairs and allows for an easy fold.  Spring assisted when raising the chairs to the upright position, and dampening on lowering the chairs to the deck.
  • Semi-automatic with automatic release – spring assist in setting up chairs when the platform is open. Chairs automatically fold down as the system is closing    
  • In semi automatic mode, a row of up to 12 chairs can be fitted to a single rail, for extremely quick turnaround between events.
  • Integra fold-down mechanisms are designed to reduce the ‘folded depth’ of the seat to 810mm. The mechanism geometry automatically draws the seats into a compacted position as the chairs are folded allowing the backrest height to be maintained without the seats protruding outside the platforms in the stored position and facilitating the use of facia panels.

Integra Removable Solution

  • Integra seat modules can be mounted to retractable platforms by location into specially designed fabrications. The seats are arranged on rails in banks of three and four seat units which are also fully compatible with Grid flat floor system facilitating maximum value and flexibility for arena configurations. Please refer to the Grid Flat Floor System Specifications page for details of storage solutions.

Integra Fold-down Spacing Chart

ModelCodeSeat OptionBack OptionMin
With shared armrestWith dedicated armrestOHFDFHRiser Height
(Guide only)



200-46 Polymer Polymer 460 500 550 810 850 155 250mm+
201-46 Padded Polymer 460 500 550 810 850 155 250mm+
202-46 Padded Padded 460 500 550 810 850 155 250mm+
203-46 Full Upholstery Padded 460 500 550 810 850 155 300mm+
204-46 Full Upholstery Full Upholstery 460 500 550 810 850 170 250mm+



200-48 Polymer Polymer 485 540 580 810 850 155 300mm+
201-48 Padded Polymer 485 540 580 810 850 155 300mm+
202-48 Padded Padded 485 540 580 810 850 155 300mm+
203-48 Full Upholstery Padded 485 540 590 810 850 230 330mm+
204-48 Full Upholstery Full Upholstery 485 540 590 810 860 250 330mm+
222-48 Padded High-padded 485 540 580 960 960 240 330mm+
223-48 Full Upholstery High-padded 485 540 590 960 960 250 330mm+
* OH = Overall Height, FD = Folded Depth, FH = Folded Height

Integra Seat Centre Spacing

Integra Folded Depth

Integra Fold-Down Plan View

Integra Fold-Down Side View


The following downloads are available:

  • Integra Fold Down Specifications: Download.

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