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Solara Seat Specifications | Stadium & Arena Seating

Solara Seat Specifications

Seat Module Options

The following Solara seat module options are available: SR 100, SR 101, SR 102, SR 103, SR 104 & SR 105. Please also view the: Seat Module Options.

General Description

Solara is a rail mounted stadium & arena seat. The seat module is delivered fully assembled, ready for attachment to the patented seat support system.

Flexrail understructure system

  • Quick replacement of entire seat modules
  • On-site forming to radius
  • Infinite seat spacing
  • Can be configured using a wide range of riser and tread mount options
  • Special handling solutions available for demountable areas
  • Enables a two stage installation: 1) Under-structure and rail can be fitted rapidly with limited site marking during the building construction phase, 2) Seat installation can be done at a later stage when the environment is clean

Polymer Colours

  • Available in 17 standard colors. Plastic colour plaques available on request.

Materials / Finishes

  • Seat and backrest are made of high impact copolymer polypropylene
  • Seat side supports and return mechanisms are made from glass filled polyamide
  • Rail extrusion 6082 / 6063 T6 extruded aluminum
  • Support fabrications are made from CR4 mild steel and hot dip galvanised for outdoor applications or powder coated for indoor applications

Solara is manufactured from materials that are corrosion resistant even in the most hostile of environments such as swimming pools.

Seat Return Mechanisms

  • The seat module has a fully enclosed spring return mechanism
  • 3/4 and full fold options

Comfort & Ergonomics

  • Seat module width is 460mm
  • Sculpted seat and backrest surfaces are designed to be comfortable without upholstery pads

Strength & Stability

  • Solara is certified to BS EN12727 2000 test level 4


  • Seat numbers are fitted into recessed placement spaces on the front of the seat
  • Row identification


  • Polymers used are 100% recyclable
  • Component parts can be easily separated
  • Seats are designed and engineered to be serviceable
  • Upholstery pads can be replaced without the need to scrap other parts

Product Weights

  • Seat module (polymer) = 4.0kg
  • Seat module (with seat and back pad) = 4.25kg without fabric cover. Exact weight will vary according to specification of fabric

Solara Upholstery Pads

Solara onset upholstery pads are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications providing the ideal addition for club and VIP areas.

Solara is available with or without armrest.

Solara Armrests

Solara is available with two armrest options; either attached directly to the seat module or attached to the rail, as an independent unit.

Solara rail mounted armrests are available for both fixed and folding variants for automatic folding on retractable platforms.

Folding armrest variant can also be used in amenity areas in fixed applications in stadiums and arenas for ease of row access and egress.

Solara integrated armrests can be specified as shared between seats to maximise venue capacity and designate personal space.

Or so that each chair has its own armrests in VIP or club areas.

Solara Plan View

Solara Side View


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