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Bench Seating

Bench Seating and Accessories

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Starena is an International supplier of stadia and arena seating with offices in Sydney, Athens, Cairo and London as well as over 30 worldwide distributors.

We manufacture in Australia, Greece, Europe, Egypt, USA and China to International ISO standards and we work extensively with Bureau Veritas as independent auditors of our sub-contracting manufacturing partners’ quality and deliverable standards.


Bench Seating Accessories - Retractable Sports Seating

Bench Seating

Bench Seating

Both the Tumbi and the Chifley seat modules can incorporate folding back rests, in a number of different styles.

Contoured back rest options of plastic and padded back rest.

One person can raise or lower up to seven contoured back rests at a time.

When folded down into the stored position, the back rest sits above the deck.

This protects both the back rest and the deck from marks and damage.


Bench Seating List

  • Avoca Aluminium Bench

    High Quality Aluminium Bench Seat
  • The Tumbi Blow-Mold Bench

    Durable Plastic Extruded Sports Bench Module
  • The Chilfey Wooden Bench

    Lowest Timber Bench 460mm / Seat