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Solo Desk Specifications | Educational Seating

Solo Desk Specifications

Solo is a systems approach to lecture tables. Surfaces are finished in high pressure laminates that can withstand years of hard use in the toughest environment. Work surfaces are standardised sizes and if damaged or vandalised can be replaced from pre purchased spares within a few minutes.

Solo table tops are finished with a highly durable molded polyurethane edge. In a well attended lecture the edge design serves to define and helps to enforce individual space between seat positions.

Integra seats are mounted to the desks on a cantilever arm which automatically returns the seat to the stored position on the underside of the desk allowing the user to simply get up and go.

Conventional fixed lecture hall desks which combine continuous benches and fixed tipping auditorium seats force the user to egress along the row between the seat and the desk. This solution requires a large space between the working edge of the desk and the seat which must be bridged by user when the desks are in use, forcing him or her to balance on the front edge of the seat in order to use the desk.

Solo’s unique ‘swing arm’ mechanism allows the user to work at the solo table and chair in the same way as a conventional workstation and task chair, ensuring the user is seated in the correct and supported posture.

Integra seat modules can be specified with a sprung backrest allowing the user to adopt a relaxed position but returns the user to a supportive work position for maximum comfort.

Integra seat modules are available in a full range of seat options, plastic, padded plastic and full upholstery. Padded is also available in high back.

The 600 range single shell seat is also available on Solo, either in polymer form or with padded seat or back. It’s robust polypropylene shell is suited to the harshest of educational environments.


Integrated Power & Data Management

 Solo can be specified with fully concealed and integrated power & data management.

 Cables run up through desk support columns into extruded channels which divide and shield data from power supply cables.

 Connection sockets can be located in the desk top or at front of desk level.

The system is fully up-gradable & can be retrofitted. Cover and housings simply ‘hinge’ down for access and installation.

Modesty Panels

Solo modesty panels are manufactured from extruded aluminum and are available in various finish options including; matching work surface laminate, powder coat and silver aluminum anodise. Panels are also available with a square ‘punch’ pattern.

Flexiable Layout Options


Solo can be installed on 3 row space options to allowing a more generous space for the user where this is preferable.

Curved, or straight layouts are easy with Solo, the unique separate top arrangement fits any situation without the need for tailored joinery.

Solo Plan & Side View


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