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International Code Compliance | Retractable Seating

Retractable Seating International Code Compliance

Design of steel structures and connection is on the basis of:

  • DIN (Deutsch Industrie Normen)
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) British Standard.
  • Guidelines outlined in "Recommendations for the Specifications and Use of Tiered, Telescopic and Demountable Seating" document produced by British association of Spectator Equipment Supplies (BASES) for the Recreation and Leisure Trades Association (RALTA) UK.

Durability & Fire Testing:

  • The seating is to be Certified to the following:
    • EN 12727 - "Furniture - Ranked Seating- Test methods and requirements for strength and durability"
    • BS 4875:1985 - "Furniture Performance Testing" - Rating 5
  • BSEN 13200 - Parts 1-6 inclusive - Spectator Facilities:
    • This standard specifies design requirements for spectator accommodation at permanent or temporary entertainment venues including sports stadia, sports halls, indoor and outdoor facilities for the purpose of enabling their functionality.
    • Venues such as Theatres, Cinemas, Opera Houses, Lecture Halls and similar are excluded from this standard.
    • This standard comprises six elements as below:
      • Part 1: Layout criteria for spectator viewing area – Specification
      • Part 2: Characteristics and national situations
      • Part 3: Separating elements – Requirements
      • Part 4: Seats – Product characteristics
      • Part 5: Telescopic stands
      • Part 6: Demountable (temporary) stands
    • Architects, specifiers and clients are encouraged to ensure that their designs and layout criteria comply with the above standard as a minimum.