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Platform Movement Options | Retractable Seating

Retractable Seating Platform Movement Options

Integrated Motors

Integral power drives units provide the most cost effective operation options. Drive motors are fitted to the first row to open and close the seating system. The 3 phase motors are synchronised and seating system sections are joined together to form a single operational bank where appropriate.

Systems fitted with integral power require only one person to operate the drive control pendant and a second safety observer to ensure that people stay clear of the system during operation.

Power Tractor

The portable power tractor eliminates the need for integral power on the smaller units. The 3 phase drive motor allows 1 person to open and close individual sections, with the 150mm diameter rubber drive wheels providing sufficient traction to open the seating units.

Portable Dollies

Utilising a lightweight, portable self-contained Hydraulic system, these lifting units are specifically designed for use with Portable Telescopic Seating Systems, provide ease of use and many years of reliable service.


Small systems up to 6 rows can be manually opened and closed by 2 persons giving due regard to OH& S issues.


Larger portable units can have inbuilt forklift transoms integrated into the design of the platform system to enable ease of movement by forklift.

Air Lift Hover

Systems can be designed on the airlift hover principal however a perfectly sealed floor system with no gaps or inspections traps is permitted.