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Types of Retractable Seating Platforms


Fixed retractable platforms allow full utilisation of the valuable floor area rapidly, and are ideal for installations where the retractable system is only ever going to be used in the same position. The system is either floor or wall attached and is easy and simple to use.

Up to 9 rows can be manually opened and closed and beyond this up to 30 rows, with the use of integral motors, the system can be simply used and opened at a moments notice.


The Starena recessed retractable system is designed to be stored under a balcony or alcove specifically allowed for in the venue design. This is ideal as it creates a flush finish in your venue, providing a clean look. When retracted, optional fascias provide a neat and pristine appearance and afford extra protection to the unit.

Recessed systems are commonly used in conjunction with balcony seating above.


Portable seating provides the ultimate in flexibility to configure a number of seating modules in whatever way you choose to suit exactly the needs of your event, providing you with a dynamic layout experience.

Portable retractable seating can be moved quickly and easily to new locations by mechanical dollies, forklifts or airlift trolleys.

Travelling - Freestanding

A retractable platform often has the need to be stored against a wall as a stand alone unit and to be capable of being driven forwards or backwards to the required performance location area.

The travelling unit’s sophisticated motor and optional sensor designs make moving the unit effortless and rapid.

Systems can be easily moved up to 40 metres, from the stored position.