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Integra Seat Specifications | Stadium & Arena Seating

Integra Seat Specifications

Seat Module Options

The following Integra seat modules are available: IT 200, IT 201, IT 202, IT 204, IT 222, IT 222A, IT 223 & IT 253. Please also view the: Seat Module Options.

General Description

Integra can be used outdoors or indoors. The key features that differentiate Integra from Solara are the upholstery upgrade options available. Integra can also be specified on low rise retractable platforms. Typical applications include:

  • Arenas
  • VIP areas in Stadiums
  • Performing arts
  • Conference rooms
  • Auditoriums

Flexrail understructure system

  • Quick replacement of entire seat modules
  • On-site forming to radius
  • Infinite seat spacing
  • Can be configured using a wide range of riser and tread mount options
  • Special handling solutions available for demountable areas
  • Enables a two stage installation: 1) Under-structure and rail can be fitted rapidly with limited site marking during the building construction phase, 2) Seat installation can be done at a later stage when the environment is clean

Polymer Colours

  • Available in 17 standard colors. Plastic colour plaques available on request.

Materials / Finishes

  • The seat and back are made of high impact copolymer polypropylene
  • The seat side supports and return mechanisms are made from die-cast aluminum with durable polyester powder coat
  • Rail extrusion 6082 / 6063 T6 extruded aluminum
  • The support fabrications are made from CR4 mild steel and hot dip galvanised for outdoor applications or polyester powder coated for indoor applications


  • Rail mount option (folds automatically on retractable)
  • Seat mounted option (folds automatically on retractable)
  • Can be converted to meet US ADA standards
  • Available with a full range of finish options: polymer, fabric, timber

Cup Holders

  • Rear mounted
  • Front mounted


  • Seat numbers are fitted into recessed placement spaces on the front of the seat
  • Row end identification


  • All polymers used are 100% recyclable
  • All component parts can be easily separated
  • Seats are designed and engineered to be serviceable
  • Upholstery pads can be replaced without the need to scrap other parts

Product Weights

  • Seat Module (polymer) = 4.2kg
  • Seat Module (with seat and back pad) = 5.4kg without fabric cover. Exact weight will vary according to specification of fabric
  • Aluminum flexrail = 1.3Kg per meter

Fire Resistance

  • Polymer Integra seat modules conform to BS EN 1021-2: 1994 Ignition source: match flame equivalent (as standard)
  • BS 5852: 1990 (crib 5) (to special order)
  • Din 4102 B1 (to special order)

Seat Return Mechanisms

  • The seat module has a fully enclosed spring return mechanism
  • Seat return is a ‘soft tip’ action
  • 3/4 seat return for ease of seat entry and maximum egress space

Comfort & Ergonomics

  • Choice of seat module widths 480 / 460mm
  • Sculpted seat and back surfaces are designed to be comfortable without upholstery pads

Strength & Stability

  • Integra is certified to BS EN12727 2000 test level 4


  • On site replacement of pads in seconds
  • Tamper proof ‘Torx’ head fixings

Integra Featured Installations

Lora Arena, Croatia 12,000 Integra fully upholstered seats.

O2 Arena, Dublin, Ireland. 12,000 Integra seats, installed on fixed terraces and retractable units.

Rostock Arena, Germany.

Integra full upholstery

Integra seat module is available with full upholstery to the seat and backrest; covers are zip fitted for replacement and cleaning.

Integra high back

Integra high back is available as an upgrade with a padded or fully upholstered seat pan. The high back pad increases the back height by 150mm and lifts the product experience to a VIP expectation.

Applied to the standard polymer backrest, the lower portion of the rear of the chair is not covered with fabric or vinyl which is always vulnerable to dirt and damage from peoples feet sitting behind.

Integra Armrests

Integra is available with two armrest options; either attached directly to the seat module or attached to the rail, as an independent unit. The choice of armrest depends on the application and budget. For VIP seats on spacing of 600mm plus seat module mounted armrests give every seat its own pair of arms. All armrest options are ADA compatible and can be configured as folding armrests for application to retractable platforms.

Shared armrest mounted to seat module.

Dedicated left & right armrests mounted to seat module.

Rail mounted armrest.

Integra Accessories

Integra accessories include a wide range of beverage holders which can be attached to either armrest option or to a standard seat module without armrests.

There is also a programme clip available to avoid event memorabilia from ending up on the floor and becoming drink stained or trodden on.

Adjustable Back Angle

The backrest angle on all Integra models have the ability to be factory set at one of three angles, which enables different lines of sight to be achieved or a tighter envelope to be achieved in back row conditions or shallow row depth situations.

Integra Plan View

Integra Side View


The following downloads are available:

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